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Located just 1km from the Canal du Midi, our guesthouse welcomes you in an exotic setting. You can enjoy pleasant walks and recharge in a calm and relaxing environment.

But that’s not all! By exploring our beautiful department of Aude, you can also discover exceptional places.

Between breathtaking landscapes and unusual activities, your stay promises to be rich in discoveries.

The Canal du Midi

If you enjoy peaceful walks in nature, the Canal du Midi will meet all your expectations! Depending on your preferences, you can visit this emblematic place of the region on foot, by bike, or by boat.

Follow the course of this mythical canal to enjoy a moment of calm and relaxation by the water. During your walks, you will have the opportunity to discover the beauty of the landscapes of the Minervois and its surroundings.

If you wish to eat and take a break in this exotic setting, many establishments will be pleased to welcome you. You can particularly stop at Le Chat qui pêche in Argeliers, a restaurant offering tasty dishes, just a few minutes from our guesthouse.

Depending on your itinerary, you might have the chance to stop at La Guinguette d’Argens or at La Péniche d’Homps, which are also pleasant places to enjoy a moment of rest by the Canal du Midi.

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Le somail

Le Somail

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the charming hamlet of Le Somail is a must-visit if you are in the region. This tranquil spot will ensure you a moment of relaxation and serenity.

You will surely appreciate the uniqueness of this essential place. Nestled by the Canal du Midi, Le Somail offers a peaceful and idyllic setting. Whether it’s time for a walk or a nice meal on the terrace, you can enjoy a pleasant and exotic atmosphere, rocked by the comings and goings of boats on the water.

The architecture is also a highlight of this unique place. You will have the opportunity to discover the Saint-Marcel Bridge, an emblematic structure in this exceptional setting.

On the cultural side, do not hesitate to visit the tourist office. There you can discover a permanent exhibition based on the history of the Port of Somail.

La Clape

If you wish to discover breathtaking panoramas, you will be captivated by the Massif de la Clape. Characterized by the richness of its biodiversity and the beauty of its landscapes, this natural site classified since 1973 promises unforgettable walks.

During your escape, you can also observe many protected plant species. Among them, the Centaury of la Clape, which is a true jewel of nature, found only in this majestic place of the Narbonnais.

This imposing limestone massif can also be explored through exceptional places, such as Le Gouffre de l’Œil Doux, L’étang des Exals, or the Belvédère de Narbonne-Plage.

Hiking and mountain biking enthusiasts can enjoy unique trails. However, be sure to check the access conditions beforehand depending on the time of year and to inquire about the difficulty levels of the paths taken.

centre historique de Narbonne

The Historic Center of Narbonne

The historic center of Narbonne has all the assets to surprise you. The historical and cultural richness of this place promises magnificent discoveries.

During a pleasant stroll through the streets of Narbonne, explore iconic historical sites such as:

  • The Saint-Just and Saint-Pasteur Cathedral and the immensity of its vaults rising 41 meters high
  • The Archbishop’s Palace and its majestic facade
  • The Horreum and its underground galleries, remnants of the ancient period
  • The Via Domitia, an ancient Roman road that once connected Italy to Spain.

This city with incomparable charm can also be explored at the peaceful pace of the Canal de la Robine. While walking or relaxing on a terrace, you can enjoy the tranquility of this famous waterway joining the Canal du Midi.

Halls of Narbonne

How to talk about Narbonne without mentioning its famous market halls. This essential place in the city is appreciated for its architecture, but also for the diversity of products offered.

This legendary covered market has welcomed lovers of local products and regional specialties since 1901. Quality and freshness are guaranteed every day in this gourmet haven!

Shopping at the Narbonne Market Halls is also a moment of pleasure and conviviality! Meet the regional producers who will be sure to inform you in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Over 70 merchants offer to let you discover delicious and varied products.

And if you want to extend this enjoyable interlude, it’s possible! Tastings are offered on-site to delight your taste buds while enjoying this lively and friendly setting.

Les pontons à Peyriac de mer


Lovers of unusual landscapes, this walk is for you! The majestic pontons of Peyriac-de-Mer offer you the opportunity to discover the Étang du Doul in a completely unique way. In a calm and exotic atmosphere, stroll through this beautiful place and admire the beauty of its exceptional panorama.

The contrast between the massifs and this expanse of water will provide you with unique moments of tranquility and wonder in the heart of nature. At both sunrise and sunset, you can appreciate the charm of the place through the light and colors that elegantly reflect on the pond.

Do not hesitate to also visit the center of the village. You will be charmed by its narrow streets and traditional houses.

The Beaches of the Aude Coast

Let’s now head to the most beautiful beaches of the Aude coast to enjoy a moment of relaxation by the sea. You’ll find that the region is rich with exceptional places. Bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, these stretches of fine sand are sure to charm you.

For a lovely walk or an afternoon of relaxation, you can visit:

  • Narbonne-Plage
  • Gruissan, perhaps stopping by the iconic Chalets Beach
  • Saint-Pierre-La-Mer

Although they are further from Argeliers, other magical places along the coast are also worth a visit, such as:

  • Port-La-Nouvelle
  • Leucate-Plage
  • La Franqui and its emblematic Coussoules Beach.

Wherever you go, you will discover the striking contrast that the coastal landscapes of Aude can offer. Between sea, mountains, and scrubland, the panoramas you will have the chance to observe will continue to amaze you.

La cité médiévale de Carcassonne

The Medieval City of Carcassonne

Every year, the medieval city of Carcassonne attracts numerous visitors, all eager to discover the authenticity of this historically rich site. An architectural complex listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, it stands as an iconic monument of the Middle Ages.

Every detail of this famous fortified city will immerse you in a world marked by the remnants of the medieval era. Its Count’s Castle, imposing ramparts, 52 towers, and picturesque alleyways all highlight the uniqueness of this majestic place.

Beyond discovering these essential structures, you can also enjoy numerous activities that contribute to the animation and life of the City:

  • Medieval camp reenactment
  • Guided tours by day and night
  • Museum
  • Mini train rides
  • Escape Game
  • Treasure hunt
  • Restaurants
  • Shops

All these activities will satisfy both young and old. As you can see, visiting the Medieval City of Carcassonne is a must!

Terra Vinea

It’s in the village of Portel-des-Corbières where you can discover this amazing place. Terra Vinea is as intriguing as it is awe-inspiring. Located 80 meters underground, this former Gypsum mine promises an unforgettable visit.

Travel through the 800 meters of underground galleries that make up this unusual place and set out to discover the history of the wines of the Narbonnais.

Every detail has been designed to make your visit to Terra Vinea exceptional. To reach these mysterious depths, you can take a small train that will take you there. The spectacle awaiting you will not leave you indifferent. This immersion in the history of the vine, from antiquity to the present day, will ensure a total change of scenery.

Walk these underground paths to admire a unique setting. You will be able to see the 1,500 barrels that the place holds, as well as sound and visual animations that make this place magical.

On-site, a restaurant, a local products shop, and wine tasting await to complete this one-of-a-kind visit.

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Village du Minervois

The Villages of Minervois

Between vineyards and scrubland, the magnificent landscapes of the Minervois will continue to amaze you. After visiting our charming village of Argeliers, where our guesthouse is located, you can discover other picturesque places, cradled by the gentleness of our beautiful southern region.

During your stay, do not hesitate to visit:

  • Minerve with its exceptional medieval setting
  • Bize-Minervois and its peaceful river 
  • Ventenac-Minervois and its castle 
  • Castelnau-d’Aude and its sumptuous panorama of the Black Mountain
  • Other villages will allow you to enjoy a moment of tranquility by the Canal du Midi. For example, Argens-Minervois, Paraza, Roubia, or Homps, ideally located along the famous waterway.

Admire the beauty of these unique places while enjoying a variety of activities. Walking, biking, boating, cultural visits, as well as moments of relaxation and change of scenery… The villages of Minervois promise you an exceptional stay!